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Innovation: Management & Practice

Serial communications innovator

Originally a theoretical physicist-turned-science-journalist, I have a track record in innovating online, stretching back to 1995: 


  • first database-driven website by any public European organisation (1995) 

  • first use of XML in the HTML production chain for the EU Institutions (1997) 

  • European Commission's first Web2.0 online community (2002)

  • European Commission's first cross-silo Content Management System, Editorial Board and Thematic Portal (2003) 

  • most successful EU policy blogging platform (2007) 

  • first two uses of semantic technologies in EU communications (2009, 2011) 

  • first site built on the EC’s pilot Drupal CMS platform (2012). 


Opportunities for innovation

The above track record is no accident – apart from constantly exploring advanced communication technologies, I have 20 years' experience in envisioning change, and managing pilot projects to implement it.  


Right now I'm particularly interested in​: 
  • (e)Participation: bringing citizens into policy processes 

  • creating and managing Communities of Practice and Interest, particularly across linguistic, organisational and cultural borders

  • using advanced language technologies (semantic analysis, machine translation, sentiment analysis, text summaries, etc.) to support crossborder online Communities

  • media innovation, and finding new business models for journalism 

  • applying augmented and virtual reality, particularly to education and culture 

  • applying blockchains to copyright and other applications



Services: innovation consulting, change management, ideation & brainstorming, pilot project conception & management, research project proposal development & communications management. 


Recommended reading:


  • 20+ year track record in introducing innovations and managing change in small and large organisations

  • 25 years experience in EU research & innovation programmes

  • Services: innovation & change management, ideation & brainstorming workshops, pilot project management, research project proposal development & communications management


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