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Digital Transformation

Break down your content siloes 

Social networks have made organisations porous, yet most organisational structures have not caught up. 


Internal communication: Every day, valuable ideas and information pour into your organisation as staff engage with stakeholders and discover useful knowledge online via their personal social networks.


But what happens then? If they think a piece of content is valuable it's probably useful to their colleagues, so why does so little of it circulate within your organisation?


External communication: there is no better advocate for any organsation than empowered staff and engaged audiences. Have you transformed your workforce into Social Ambassadors, and launched communities to engage your customers and stakeholders in your organisation's future?


Internal Innovation Community 

In such an environment, separating internal communications, external communications, training, innovation and engagement makes little sense. Bring them together and create an Internal Innovation Community to :  


  • support knowledge management, information flows, (in)formal training, ideation, employee engagement and more

  • discover useful internal content for external communications, and transfer it outwards  

  • ensure useful external information reaches the right people inside 

  • spread an innovation & communications culture throughout the organisation. 



Services: Internal and External Communications Strategy; Social media tactics & training; Innovation & change management; Knowledge management; Learning organisations; Internal community management.


Recommended reading:
  • There can be no good external communications without good internal communications, but internal comms also supports knowledge management, training, innovation, employee engagement & more

  • Digitally transformed organisations integrate these processes and put engaged staff and stakeholders at the heart of their communications and innovation programme.

  • Services: Communication strategy integration; Innovation & knowledge management; Change & internal community management


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