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Communication: Strategy & Practice

Strategy development 

Communications appears complex. But a good communication strategy shouldn't be. I generally boil it all down to five simple, interrrelated tables, defining: 

  • Who you’re trying to reach: your audiences, including their needs and information preferences

  • What you’re trying to achieve with them: your business goals for each audience   

  • Why they should pay attention to you: Editorial Messaging for each audience 

  • How you will get those messages to those audiences: an interconnected communications portfolio  

  • When you will monitor and optimise those activities: key metrics, analysis and optimisation processes. 

There are many ways to go about this. My favourite option is to spend a few hours a week interviewing different members of your team, holding workshops and more. That way we'll develop buy-in together along the way, and I'll be able to mentor your staff so that they can better implement the strategy. 


Because the last thing you need is a Word document gathering dust on a shelf. 


Services: communication strategy development & optimisation, change & project management, mentoring/training. 


Content and Promotion 

Are you creating the content your audience actually wants to consume, or are you just talking about yourself? 


Have you figured out how to get it to them, develop engagement around it, and translate those successes into something concrete

And how are you organising that content online? Is your website working? Should you create a community, and if so, where? Should you tweak your site, build a new one, or just spend more time on social media? When was the last time you cultivated your networks, and recruited someone as a multiplier


Or maybe you simply need help creating content?  


Services: Content Strategy, Online architecture, Website (re)development, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Social Media & Online Community Management, Multiplier cultivation.


Recommended reading:


  • Build a fit-for-purpose communications strategy with built-in buy-in

  • Discover new ways of creating, publishing and promoting content

  • Services: Communication strategy; Change & project management; Mentoring & training; Content Strategy, Online architecture, Content Creation & Marketing, Social Media, Online Community Management, Multiplier & CRM strategy.


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